Navio Robotic Assisted Surgery Comes To Modesto California

Navio Robotic Assisted Surgery Comes To Modesto California

Tenaya Medical Group is now offering total and partial knee surgery utilizing robotic-assisted technology through Memorial Medical Center in Modesto, California. The hospital recently purchased a NAVIO™ Surgical System and our patients are already seeing the benefits from the new technology.

The NAVIO Robotic Assisted system has an advanced computer program that builds a 3D map of the patient’s knee and then relays precise, real-time information to the robotics-assisted handheld tool that is used by the Tenaya Medical Group surgeons during surgery. By collecting this type of patient-specific information, the surgeon is able to establish spatial boundaries for the handpiece as it removes the damaged surfaces of the knee, assists with balancing of the ligaments of the joint and helps accurately position the implant. Unlike other systems that require patients to undergo a pre-operative CT-scan, the NAVIO Robotic Assisted system from Smith & Nephew is entirely CT-free.

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