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Undergraduate: B.S., Northwestern University

Medical School: M.D., Johns Hopkins Medical School

Residency: UCLA Medical Center Department of Orthopedics

Upper Extremity Fellowships: Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA; New England Bone and Joint Institute

Dr. Horner treats conditions affecting the bones, muscles, nerves and tendons of the hand, wrist and arm. He performs arthroscopy and micro-vascular surgery for a wide range of problems, including fracture care, congenital disorders in infants, work injuries, carpal tunnel problems in adults, and sports-related injuries for all ages.

It was the unusual combination of a Big Ten Football scholarship and a major in Biomedical Engineering that led Dr. Horner to the practice of Orthopedic Surgery. “When you play in the Big Ten,” he laughs, “you get exposure to the full spectrum of Orthopedics!”

A scholarship and early admissions to Johns Hopkins Medical School paved the way to Orthopedic Surgery. Dr. Horner and other experts in orthopedic surgery collaborated to produce key papers that ultimately led to novel treatment of wrist and knee pain, focusing on newly-described peripheral nerve anatomy. During his residency at UCLA Medical Center Department of Orthopedics, Dr. Horner continued to make contributions to the treatment of upper extremity problems. Shoulder impingement became the focus of his research interests that led to multiple national presentations. Dr. Horner’s Upper Extremity fellowships at the New England Bone and Joint Institute and Tufts afforded diverse exposure to everything from pediatric hand problems to complex elbow problems. He has written extensively on arthritic conditions of the hand. Currently, Dr. Horner’s practice involves the entire spectrum of Upper Extremity treatment. As a Qualified Medical Examiner, a significant portion of his practice is devoted to California Workers’ Compensation-eligible patients. We are proud to present additional information about Dr. Horner on his AAOS sponsored site.